It also does not help if the TravelMate is connected to the power adaptor or if you make inputs on the touchpad now and then, because the 30 seconds are activated with the last keystroke. The built-in battery with 48 Wh delivers juice for just over 7 hours in Wi-Fi operation. The memory clock rate is 1, MHz. Since the speakers are located directly under the palm rest, you will also feel vibrations on this rather thin plastic pad. So it is advised to use headphones when listening to music. The screen shows good response rates in our tests, but may be too slow for competitive gamers. It comes as no surprise since the values speak louder than words.

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The design on the back side of the closed TravelMate is interesting: Dell XPS 13 iU. Travlemate comes as no surprise since the values speak louder than words. With dimensions of The HDD can be easily accessed via the maintenance cover without having to unscrew the entire case. The arrangement of ports leaves much to be desired here and there because the connections on both sides are close together and can interfere with each other, especially on the left side.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider During the whole test, both in battery mode as well as when plugged in, we could perceive no coil whine or the like.


Before writing this review, we were hoping that the Acer TravelMate P would be a stable, portable, versatile, but not too flashy work tool.

However, it gets really hot under maximum load. Final Fantasy XV Benchmark The TravelMate is also thicker compared to other tested devices. Further technical background information about the iU can be found in our benchmark area for mobile CPUs.

CDM 5 Read Seq: In comparison, all tested devices range from 0. If the HDD travemate to work as well, we measure Far Cry 5 A Kensington lock is also available, but it is positioned so close to the power connector that the angled power cord must be laid out to the rear.

Acer TravelMate P2410 (i7-8550U, MX130) Laptop Review

It would have also been better to use a higher quality material, especially in the hinge area or for the base surface, or just to spice up the simple black with one or the other design element.

Please, switch off ad blockers and support us! Power Management – The TravelMate lives up to its name. The read and write rates of the TravelMate are rather slow If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: The slightly bigger Of course, we come back later to the GeForce MX in the gaming performance.

Acer TravelMate

Space for a 2. Input Devices – Acer plays it safe. The speaker openings of the Acer TravelMate P are on the bottom side, which means that the sound changes a little depending on the surface the laptop is placed on.


However, one should highlight the resistance when tilting the display and its hinges, because our test device has just the right mix between too rigid and too loose.

However, with the iU, the full 4 GHz can be enjoyed only by two cores at the same time; in four-core mode, the maximum clock rate is only 3.

The backlight is pleasant and fairly evenly distributed, but it is not dimmable or adjustable. It is a little annoying that the lights turn off automatically after 30 seconds, just as with other Acer models that we have tested.

Acer TravelMate 2410

This means that the measured response time is better than the average of all tested devices 41 ms. Cons – case could be of higher quality.

So it is advised to use headphones when listening to music. However, it performs a bit worse than you would expect from an IPS display.