That means the eFwu isn’t a resource hog. This treatment also makes the screen easier to grip when carrying. Email Name Comment Firstname. Although the stand elevates the display by about 5 inches, it also tilts the monitor forward at an angle that made the display appear several shades darker, even when viewed at eye level. This particular monitor has only one connector – a USB port – which provides the power as well the video signal to the display.

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That means the eFwu isn’t a resource hog. Also around back is aoc e2251fwu large bump that houses the USB port.

The problem wouldn’t aoc e2251fwu if the screen tilted backward a touch, but the eFwu can’t be adjusted unless you physically slide the display. The monitor won’t fit in any notebook bag, and it’s too big for most backpacks, plus there’s no way to protect the screen when it’s tucked away in something larger, such aoc e2251fwu a suitcase. AOC International formerly Admiral Aoc e2251fwu Corporation may not be in the same league e2251fu the likes of Samsung and LG when it comes to marketing clout, but it does produce some innovative products.

You can certainly carry the eFwu with you–it weighs just 5. We spotted all sorts of detail in a downloaded p trailer for “Skyfall,” including the outline of aoc e2251fwu city skyline reflected in the facade of a skyscraper and the crispness of the Union Jack covering soldiers’ coffins.

AOC eFwu Monitor (inches) Review | USB Monitor Reviews

The single end aoc e2251fwu to the monitor, and the dual end goes into your PC. When he’s not evangelizing Android, he’s editing the Laptopmag. Unfortunately the support isn’t adjustable, so you can’t tweak the monitor’s angle. The screen has a claimed 5ms response time and an average We noticed brief spikes up to 24 e2251dwu when we aoc e2251fwu the p “SkyFall” trailer aoc e2251fwu full screen on both systems, but that’s not much, considering a visit to YouTube in Google Chrome provided a short burst to 30 percent CPU usage.



Ditto for aoc e2251fwu contrast ratio which can best be described as being run-of-the-mill. There’s a power adapter aoc e2251fwu, too, but that component is sold separately since the monitor works entirely via USB power.

That’s e2215fwu load of pixels and real estate for a Aoc e2251fwu port to power. Using USB to transfer data comes with some drawbacks; you will be constrained by bandwidth and processing resources. Pros Looks great One cable aoc e2251fwu rule them all An easy way to add a screen to a laptop. Performance levels were the same in a Dell Inspiron aoc e2251fwu with a less powerful Core i3 processor.

The same goes for a inch MacBook Air. Email Name Comment Firstname. Again, the lack of adjustment exacerbated these problems, but ultimately this screen isn’t going to compete with expensive IPS e2215fwu when it comes to viewing angles and image aoc e2251fwu.

Not adjustable; Optional stand tilts monitor to an unviewable angle; Not very portable; Aoc e2251fwu. Review With screen sizes no bigger than a mainstream notebook, USB-powered displays such as the Lenovo ThinkVision LT e251fwu AOC aoc e2251fwu struck a chord with aoc e2251fwu professionals because they lent themselves well to working from off-site locations such as hotel rooms.

The eFwu is one of a growing number of USB only monitors. Monitor-management software accessible via the taskbar let us mirror the e2251wfu, duplicate it, change screen orientation, even rearrange the two screens’ relation to each other.


Aoc e2251fwu in all, this is an excellent monitor provided you know aoc e2251fwu limits and accept that it has been designed first and foremost to be used as a portable display. The back of the monitor is adorned with a woven pattern, something similar to the back of the Motorola Razr series with its Kevlar back. That said, the bezel surrounding the screen is very glossy, which some may aov distracting. Bucking the fashionable trend, this AOC screen doesn’t have a glossy display, making it potentially more suitable to an office environment.

AOC EFwu USB Monitor review | ITProPortal

Jutting out beneath those ports is a stubby but aoc e2251fwu stand. But e22551fwu you don’t need the portable versatility that this screen provides, there are better options.

However, while the freedom to leave the AC adapter aoc e2251fwu home aoc e2251fwu this device more portable than traditional inch monitors, the AOC’s size doesn’t lend itself to travel. A inch LED-backlit monitor with a x pixel resolution that relies solely on a single USB port for power has the potential e2251fwi poor image quality, but what the eFwu offered was beautiful. This is a 22in full HD monitor that uses a LED backlit TN-panel with a very thin chassis 10mm thick although the bezel is still substantial at 12mm.

That said, aoc e2251fwu you’re working on a notebook under battery power, you might find that the dynamic clocking of 2e251fwu CPU can affect video processing. Not surprisingly, the eFWu aoc e2251fwu an Energy Star 5.