The only thing that finally killed the ToughDrive was driving over it with my car. They both were unscathed except for a little dirt. I have several books and revisions on this FD. Please help me , someone, email me. I put some clothes, the uncapped ToughDrive and Lexar flash drives and a cup of detergent poured right on top of the drives in the washer and ran them through a 6 minute cycle.

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It was easy to reassemble the pieces, but when I atp toughdrive the ToughDrive with my Mac, this is what I saw. What do I agp

It did survive boiling, freezing and clanging around in a hot dryer for 30 minutes. Atp toughdrive took it outgently shook some water out, dried it with a paper towel, and placed it in a bowl of white rice. Then Atp toughdrive put the clothes and drives in the dryer. Once the water reached a rolling boil degrees FI set the timer for 5 minutes and waited for my flash drive soup to finish.

What else can I do? You can also subscribe without commenting. The metal USB connector casing pulled right out of the body of the drive along with a thin plastic spacer that fell out as well. You can get them in all sorts of colors, from many different companies, and with very different styles – just like the floppies of yesteryear atp toughdrive in different colors.


Did not survive being driven over with a car Atp toughdrive.

ATP Tough Drive Mini 2 GB Review | TechPowerUp

Some of my other interests include ukulele, atp toughdrive, productivity hacks, and minimalism. Great review as always. We use them for everything, from moving small files from one computer to another, to storing applications that atp toughdrive customized to your liking. The ToughDrive is available with a regular Stp case, or in a special Camo version.

I put some clothes, the uncapped ToughDrive and Lexar flash drives and a cup of detergent poured atp toughdrive on atp toughdrive of the drives in the washer and ran them through a toghdrive minute cycle. ATP sent me the Camo version to review.

This drive is also ReadyBoost compatible. They both were unscathed except for a little dirt. The hard plastic atp toughdrive gives it a feel of rigidity, atp toughdrive makes me feel like it would be able to withstand a decent amount of abuse before failing. I put the ToughDrive and Lexar flash drives in a ziploc baggie, opened my front door and threw them on my porch.

ATP ToughDrive USB Flash Drive Review – The Gadgeteer

atp toughdrive So, I sifted through my stash of flash drives and pulled out a junky old MB Lexar drive. The drive arrived in a atp toughdrive box, but was otherwise unprotected; it has a hard plastic shell with a desert camouflage design printed onto it.

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The washing part seemed to be okay, but once they hit the dryer it was Game Over. Then I took the sufficiently cooled drives back to my Mac to see if they were still alive. I accidentally washed my Lexar FD today, for about ten minutes. Loved the review, especially the last 2 accounts of attempted and successful flashdrivicide. Please help mesomeone, email me.


Random Pic Click to enlarge. My 4 gb toughdrive has been left in the parking lot over the weekend fell atp toughdrive of my pocket during a thundertorm and run over by atp toughdrive least one vehicle.

This helps atp toughdrive protect all the components from damage due to water, shock, etc.

ATP ToughDrive Review

A year ago it failed to operate and I and wondering if there is a way atp toughdrive retrieve data from it. And atp toughdrive better way to freeze something then stick it outside in the good old Indiana winter night. Its cap comes off to reveal the actual USB connector, and the key ring has a nice latching system to allow the drive to be quickly atp toughdrive off the keychain and put back on. USB drives today are like floppies of yesterday.