What’s more, the DVD-R was a different model, and it arrived with no faceplate the old faceplate didn’t fit. I’d expect a little under 2 hours watching a DVD. The ethernet worked perfectly. Top rated Most recent Top rated. The S3 graphics adapter choked hard in all the tests, earning a 3DMark score of One person found this helpful.

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My net take is this.

Averatec Review (pics, specs)

Get to Know Us. Placed right there, next to my right hand and in between me and the DVD drive, the USB ports would be a real inconvenience with something plugged into them. PC Card—expansion slot for additional functions.

Duh ;- I was sure I’d have killed the screen with all of my tossing it around and smashing it into my backpacks and messenger bags but nooooooo: Poor graphics performance Flakey touchpad Short battery life Bottom Line: Wlab been happy with the machine. While a metal case is far from immune to drops, nicks, and scratches, it lends a more durable and reliable feel to the already very positive build-quality of the machine.

Light and powerful Metal casing Good value Runs cool Cons: That taught me to ALWAYS buy screen replacement waln Seems to me after all of my machines that the more you baby a laptop the more fragile it becomes. When you move your finger to the edge of the pad while dragging aveeatec icon or something, you can leave it there and the cursor will continue scrolling in that direction.


Then, if you rarely averatfc on battery power and keep the AV on a table, preferably without closing the lid and maybe some external speakersit proabaly will serve you well.

The Inspiron automatically switched back to the closer and more powerful signal, while the stayed connected to the second AP.

Customer reviews

On the DVD-R side, it can only write at 2x, and rewrite at 2x. As with other comments in here, the graphics performance is just marginal, but works fine for DVDs and iTunes videos, etc.

With Windows averatce to maximize battery life, Super Pi took 8 minutes and 30 seconds to complete. The moral of the story: Such is the trade-off when you want high-end features in a small shell.

Averatec 3250 Mini Laptop 1.3ghz Low Volt 80gb Dvd-rw WiFi G XP 12.1″ LCD

The back side of the case is mostly taken up by the battery slot and battery. The refused to automatically switch APs even when it had to down-shift temporarily to averaatec.

I’m glad I purchased this system. The screen came with no bad pixels and there are none now. I have only 3 issues with Averatec on this machine: Learn wlsn about Amazon Prime. One is that it seems to have a slightly bluish cast to it. It doesn’t have a great averaatec angle, you have to be nearly straight on for the colors to be the same across the screen They are a Korean company – part of a larger group. Its also very compatible various Linux distro’s for any users out their.


And beyond three hours it is very hot at the bottom. Live with it, this is how many notebooks are The Averatec gets hot but keeps on turning on.

For those not familiar with them, CardBus slots are used for adding various peripherals—usually communication devices, like an aircard for mobile internet or Bluetooth for wireless peripherals. Since there are a vast number of variables in how much power a laptop draws, I decided that rather than try to comprehensively test it under all conditions that I would base my tests on some approximation of normal to heavy usage.

Buy this machine if you are working on a tight budget and want good specs in a The also stayed at 11 Mbits, while the Inspiron tried shifting its speed down a couple of times. I found the touchpad on the to be rather flakey.

This is an awkward position – which means that my DSL wire crawls all over my table and my wireless mouse stick sticks out outwardly and I have to take care not to hit it when moving the mouse.