I checked the version of Citrix universal printer driver in XeApp 6. Enhanced print features can be used if the native driver makes them available using the Microsoft Print Capability technology. See the image below. Only port and have been opened In firewall. Some of the users were able to take print from Network Printer and some users were unable to print from Local printer. Version 4 printer drivers.

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Here we could also have a network-provisioned printer, meaning that from a client perspective spooling will also take place remotely on a print server, as shown in the image below. This is what happens… A user will have a session on the Citrix XenApp server.

Step 4 Click “Next. This will ensure only the Citrix Universal Printer is created when a session is launched. Share pribter post Link to post Share on other sites. The only solution Universl found so far is to reboot the server. Open a ticket online for technical assistance with troubleshooting, break-fix requests, and other product issues. Does UPC included in Receiver? Of course, this is still somewhat high-level, but it does give you a good indication of what is taking place under the hood.

One of the main policy settings is Universal Print Server enable which needs to be set to enabled.

Print Drivers of the Citrix Universal Print Driver (UPD) Component

I know I do it. Correct me if i unlversal wrong. Win32 GDI applications, meaning that they are based on a C-based framework for creating applications, depend on and leverage the EMF print file format and rely on the Graphics Device Interface as you will find out shortly.


The print job from the Citrix session is sent via the ICA protocol and the print data is compressed.

XPS Enabled Printers Unable To Print Using The Citrix Universal Printer (EMF)

Wait for atleast 1 hour or 30 min and try to take a print. We see however that each time when scaling options are modified fe. Automatic translation This article was translated by an automatic translation system and was not reviewed univegsal people.

As printrr above, when dealing with an XPS based application, and thus print output, the data travels directly from the application to the local or remote print spooler service, bypassing the GDI on to the print device for rendering and output, without any interruptions.

Luckily with Windows came version 3 user mode drivers, which are still widely used today. EMF does not use compression at all. I do not understand.

Print Drivers of the Citrix Universal Print Driver (UPD) Component

Is there any other solution to troubleshoot this. As stated, proximity printing works with session printers. Automatic translation This article was translated by an automatic translation system and was not reviewed by people.

Posted April 26, Tim July 11, Version three print drivers run in user mode, so if something were to go wrong with one of these drivers, it would not affect the system kernel. While from a print architectural point of view not that much has changed throughout zps years, like the printing pathways, for example, it still does tend to confuse a lot of people.


I faced a very strange issue. The UpsClient version 7. To resolve it, i implemented a check to remove cirix key and follow by a reboot of the server.

Still, I have this issue. Sounds to me like the upgrade for some reason had deleted the drivers.

The ultimate Citrix printing internals cheat sheet – version 2.0

By the way, the first upload of data occurs after seven days from the date and time of installation, assuming you stay opt-in. A printing pathway defines how print traffic can or will be routed throughout your environment.

If the print server does not respond within the time-out window configured as part of this policy, it will be considered permanently offline, and it will be removed from the load-balancing scheme part of the VDA, as highlighted earlier.

When I was working on my ultimate Citrix XenDesktop internals cheat sheet just a couple of weeks ago I also got asked thanks, Jamie if I would consider updating my printing internals cheat sheet.