Index to cases of persons adjudged insane or hr. In Luzerne County there are many private agencies which have taken intiative in promoting health and preventing disease. Martin, Bench and Bar of Philadelphia. Delinquent See also entries , , , 9. Education For the purpose of adjninistering its public school system, Pennsylvania is di- vided into school districts which follow city, borough, and tovmship lines. He wrote to Governor Mifflin of Pennsylvania on August , By an act of the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed April 4, , the ‘Ycstmoreland records were authorized t j be dej.

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Optometrists in Martinsville,VA Showing 1 – 9 of 9 results. I Tcxnincr – Licenses and Registration; Elections List of names selected by jury commissioners to be placed in jury wheel, showing name, address, and occupation of prospective juror, and, if selected, date of service. Bonds See also entries 71, In counties where there is no controller, three auditors make annual audits of county fujids.

All cases of prcbute and Swdministriticn ;vei-e L. In charge of the office, which is under the general supervision of the regis- ter of wills, are two clerks and inheritanct tax appraisers. Papers and Dockets, Civil A certified copy of this list was required to be filed in the office of the corinissionurs, vdiose duty it vms to record the roll in a book Record of marriages, showing no.

D, Municipal and Mechanic Liens Docketentry The others were nominated by the voters and appointed by the president and the executive council of the Commonwealth.

Dex PC-812S – Computer gamepad specifications.

Ildv;, 33 pp, 6x8x4, Conr;s, bsnt, vlt. Under this primary colonial regime the principal unit of local government was the town or parish. Full text of ” Inventory of the county archives of Pennsylvania ” See other formats On March 28,the General Assembly passed an act 52 suspending the po-v.


Whenever a county has been divided and from it a nevir comity formed, all mortgages, judgments, verdicts, orders, and all records made in the original county must be copied and certified by the recorder, the prothonotary, the clerk of courts, the register of wills, or other officer, and entered by the same officer in the new county as part of the records of his office 46All newly elected county officials are required to receive records and docu- ments belonging to their office from their predecessors.

Sec also, chronological table of events in the history of the Wyoming region,ibid. Transcripts of first and final accounts filed by fiduciaries, shovang nane of decedent, court tern and case nor, nane of fiduciary, anount of inventory, itonized list p-812s clains against estate with anount and reason for clain and nane of clainant, total anount of claiins, and balance left for distribution.

It also decided all matters of twenty pounds or less without appeal, ajrid had pc-81s2 over criminal cases 2From the time that Penn took over the Commonwealth inuntil the Revolu- tion, the foundations for the present county government, were laid.

Special assessments against owners of property for costs of improving streets, alleys, or highways must be entered in a municipal lien and judgment docket The reason for the absence of records is given wherever Icnown.

There are many more such instances by which 6- PL s He also has the povrer to administer oaths For index sec entries2-i’i, Hdw.


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Appraiser’s returns of esta. In addition to these duties the new board will ad- minister unemployment relief, and child’ caring services for dependent and neg- lected children See Board of Trustees of Mothers’ AssistanceAid to Dependent Children The care of dependent children is the legal responsibility of the poor di- rectors of the consolidated poor districts and the local overseers of the poor.

The probation officers take charge ddex those persons convict- ed of edx but viho are not sentenced to a penal institution.

Reports to prothonotary by assistant inspector. Turner William Lee Od. Sub-indexed by first 2 letters of name of corporation or firm, Hdw.

Thus, some departments of the state government are given certain powers over and in cooperation with the counties. Alphabetical index to pc-8122s Book, giving name of deceased, residence, date of death, nc.

Full text of “Cash Box”

Since then their salary has been determined by statute 9. They divide this responsibility ded a number of county as well as state officials. For indexsee entry ;see entry These are prepared not by the court, however, but by the proper county officers 39and at the expense of the county