If you already have certificates installed on the tokens, re-initialize the token. If you completed the initial password change process for your token, plug the token into your USB drive. You can use your mobile device to approve EPCS prescriptions. Special tips and features of each component in the PCC eRx section of a patient’s chart. The system displays the new security level. Provides a summary view of purchased license keys.

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This passcode is only valid after you receive a packet approval email from Exostar. Answer Personal ID-Proofing Questions Next, the ExoStar ID-proofing system, rxostar the Experian credit services, will ask you randomly generated ID-proofing questions based on known identity factors, such as your home mortgage loan, credit cards, career, past home addresses, or other available data. From the Available Renewals tab, a list of users display. Live Video Proofing Resource Guide.

License Key and Subscription Summary License key column can only be viewed by purchaser. Exostar strongly recommends you enable strong protection for your MLOA certificates, unless there are corporate policies against doing so. While Windows configures the SafeNet Authentication Client, a dialog box displays the remaining time.


Received digit passcode from the proofer. When you tap to review the notification, the Authy app will open on your Apple Watch. The renewal period for OTP and eTools subscriptions is 12 months.

You can renew OTP products and eTools renewals for yourself and users within your organization. Alternatively, you can open the Authy app on your Apple Watch at any time, without exostxr notification, and use the one-time password it generates. Click Make a Payment.

You can use your mobile device to approve EPCS prescriptions. Once you complete this, please follow the steps below:. Created by Ashleigh Howelllast modified on Dec 12, Exowtar such cases, please proceed with a restart.

Get Started – OTP

The software can be loaded by either clicking the links provided below, or by inserting the token into your computer which downloads the middleware automatically. Upon completion, you receive an order confirmation and invoice via email.

What About Step 1?: Either way, you will end up with a code. If selecting the invoice option, payment must be received and processed exosar the subscription renewal is updated. Please close all open programs before starting the hardware token installation. Additionally, they can purchase renewals for any user associated with their organization.


Medium Certificate Download

Renewals You can renew OTP products and eTools renewals for yourself and users within your organization. Special medication history features and tools make prescribing faster. OTP product subscriptions are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

The passcode is a digit number separated by hyphens; for example: Insert the token into your computer and install software components. A t tachments 1 Page History. You must have a government-issued photo ID. As you type, the password exostsr will turn green to indicate that you meet them. When you click to begin ExoStar, you will be prompted for the code and can proceed to token registration.

Phone OTP Phone OTP allows you to register your mobile telephone or land-line telephone exkstar receive one-time passwords via text or voice.

Your Smart Phone or Smart Watch: