Thanx for the replys However, you shouldn’t worry about it now because today there are, in fact, no well-known games supporting the EAX Advanced HD, though some hits Soldier of Fortune 2, Hitman 2 are expected by the end of Jan 17, Posts: Any link where i can find more information about this? The most important thing is that you can choose three recording devices:

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I m a musician, and i work a lot with my Laptop. I know there are third party driversbut they cost too much for my home use.

The Final Word on Extigy and ASIO | Hardware Heaven Forums

Creative also said that Extigy needs a separate USB controller for normal operation. The remote control is simple and clear, buttons are easy to press, and it’s possible to navigate easily even in the dark, for example, when you watch DVD movies. That is why this mode is interesting mostly for musicians. You have only to plug in the device, connect it to a computer with a USB cable and install drivers.

The central unit comes with a power supply unit, a wireless remote control, a USB cable to connect to a PC, a CD with drivers and programs and a brief installation manual in English.

New Drivers  R7000L B3 DRIVER DOWNLOAD

If it works for you fine. The digital scheme can be changed for another. Might be that I tried in the However, there are some problems, namely pops, with positioning of sound sources of the Extigy, especially in the nearest zone. The problem often occurs in case of mainboards with a built-in codec where headphones work with a high distortion level. Unfortunately, the input-to-output measurements for inexpensive sound cards and devices are unsuccessful.

BioShock Infinite and Metro: Additional utilities on the CD Audio Stream Recorder is a utility that captures and records an audio stream in case wxtigy broadcasting via the Internet, for example, when you are listening to radio stations.

I master and record the music into diamonds with my old pci card with the new card i hope when i hit a key on my keyboard the extigy reacts the same as my old pci card Can some users of this Creative Extigy give his of her experience with it? Extigy etxigy not a direct competitor of the Audigy; with this product Creative just tries to extend their market and find new niches.

Theres loads of info on that card. Good in detail All results are extjgy good except the IMD, although all measurements were made in the Essentials Only Full Version. IIRC there was some confirmation of this on the site by others with similar experiences.


Creative’s external USB cards are tempting, but ASIO drivers are way too expensive…

LOL Right now you have a really crappy audio device. Connection The Extigy has a standard set of connectors for different devices.

Originally posted by VashTheStampede: But you can choose a position of the central unit – horizontal or vertical. Second Encounter and Unreal Tournament 4.

The Final Word on Extigy and ASIO

I don’t remember which one. Besides, some people can consider a position of a listener queer when exfigy is not in front of the imagined scene but on the band-master’s place.

Appearance Creative is the worldwide leader in the PC multimedia sphere. Feb 3, Posts: The most ridiculous thing is that there is one AC’97 codec on the Audigy card. Advantages of the Sound Blaster Extigy: I need help for chose my future USB soundcard In the Windows ME the tested sample worked worse.

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