I’m gonna take that to the lab and casuals, and report back if I find anything else I’m struggling with. The way I do it is to Press the direction towards your opponent. Thanks again man, and I’m loving these threads so far. I think it works in Skullgirls, but there’s only one character with a and it’s a super, and the game keeps you from jumping during a so it’s super easy to just spin your stick in as many circles as you like without jumping, so it’s no big deal that there’s a shortcut anyway. It’s easier to just do something to set it up than it is to do it by itself IMO.

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Gief’s Gym – A Practical Lesson for Learning the Input! A Lesson for Beginners. : StreetFighter

Take special note of the effective range depending on which punch button is pressed. Keep me logged in on this device. A Lesson for Beginners. The input can be: It needs to hlw smooth for it to come out.

HakuMan HakuMan Topic Creator 9 years ago 4 So the input for doing the Hadouken is the half moon input you’re talking about or no?

Her overhead is super easy to deal with.

What’s the easiest way to do it? The Shoryuken Lesson 5: I’m gonna take that to the lab and casuals, and report back if I find anything else I’m struggling with. More topics from this board Performing a standing can be extremely difficult, even for skilled players. Submit a new link. We are going to breakdown this motion to its most basic components: Also note this is the reason why you can get “cheat” inputs for DP motions as well.


You only have to do a degree movement to get it to work in SF IV. To begin, walk right up next to your opponent then starting from perform a half circle forwardmove your control stick to up forward and then press a punch button. Log In Sign Up. This tactic is used heavily with a hitbox; where you can hold forward, tap and release down then P to get a DP.


By going from toward to down to back to up towards makes it easier to hit at least for me you can hit back up if you wish. Gief is by far my favorite character and I’ve always have had a spjnning for grapplers. The later you perform thethe more time you can spend walking forward. Rango Rango 3 years ago 6 It was a joke. Can his Super and Ultras be done?

I stream Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, and more! spinnnig

You could technically input a DB D UF U and it would count as a because you had 4 individual inputs that covered the 4 cardinal directions. You can also buffer it during FADC, a normal dash or pretty much any other move if you’re having trouble. You can also combine these methods. Rango Rango 3 years ago 2 I usually jump in. I think KOF does too? Not all, This shortcut certainly worked for SFIV and in fact if you delayed punch button input when you end your motion in up forward you could cancel out of the startup of your forward jump into an SPD for ohw bit more range than if you were to perform the motion normally.


Zangief´s Spinning Pile Driver in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

I just slide my thumb across. Forgot your username or password? The Walking – Perhaps the trickiest setup is the walking Note that this motion can be performed in either direction.

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Hugo was infinitely frustrating, because you could do for his moonsault press, but you had to go all the way to for meat squasher.