Posted August 15, HW mentioned that there is a version 1. Did you try and run FGJS? Copy the file and convert it to a text file to read it. The one thing I have not been able to do is configure the LED colours. The Saitek website says that I should be able to plug in my joystick and although Saitek themselves don’t provide drivers for it, the Apple USB drivers should take care of things.

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I had to do a bit of custom tweaking on the throttle as it was so stiff and jerky as to be almost unusable, but careful cleaning of the proprietary gunk on saitek x52 mac throttle levers, replacing it with silicone grease, has made it smooth and comfortable to use. Did you try and run FGJS? Last edited by Terabapuno1 on Thu Apr 21, 1: Are the plugins that are available saitek x52 mac download from the Org still working with the latest version of X-Plane?

I got it on Amazon. A pair of buttons or a switch is more reliable. He discusses an update in April but I could find nothing better saitek x52 mac this 1. There used to be a download called x52 Control available on this site which gave radio frequencies, weather etc. If only we could multiply that number by a scaling factor, we might have a way to get the flaps position to show saitek x52 mac on the LEDs.


I’m back on Mavericks and staying there unless some app I absolutely need forces me to upgrade. Those connectors can develop intermittent faults with age. Posted June 11, They can be red, orange, or green.

That would depend on what you are using to control them, an analog axis can present problems with noise. I’ve been using the X52 Pro for saitek x52 mac a month, and it is wonderful. So we were thinking of getting him a controller for his bday saitek x52 mac pretty sure he is not active on these forums yetso the surprise element should still be there ] I am not a Mac user, and know little to nothing about it.

Is there maybe some other new product out there in the same budget range that you would recommend rather?

Nonetheless, if anyone has saitek x52 mac this feature to work, I’d love to hear bout it. There are actually two plugins for download on the Org. But clearly I can’t fly with one hand on the saitek x52 mac which seems to work OK one hand holding a T button down and one hand on the column, Wondering if I’ve been sold a dud bit of second hand kit?

I used to have a mac before reverting back to PC and I also owned the X I’ve used Saitek X52 pro on a mac and Linux, and it works great. Are you happy with it? I’m going to have to settle for the cheaper CH Product pedals. I always read “it is working for me, but there are no guarantees” etc? Thanks, Philosopher inactive but lurking occasionally Posted August 20, The one thing I have not been able to do is configure the LED colours. Macbook Pro retina display latest generation 15″ running OSX How high is the likelyhood of saitek x52 mac really working on Saitek x52 mac

New Drivers  EW-7612UAN V2 TREIBER WINDOWS 10

I’ll hookup the stick to my Sierra laptop tomorrow to see if it works. Copy the file and convert it to a text file to read it. saitek x52 mac

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saitek x52 mac The lights might not come on depending on how they work since Flightgear doesn’t current have good support for setting lights and similar on joystick type devices. Posted September 25, Can you verify that the joystick is being recognized saitek x52 mac mca OS and that it works in other applications?

Just delete the unneeded sections and save or print for a complete key mapping. When I open Flightgear, it doesn’t register the joystick either.