After that, the camera stitches the frames as above. However, photos even at these settings look very soft and lack fine detail when viewed at anything but small sizes close-ups are the exception. Pop Art renders color vividly, Pinhole vignettes the frame, Fisheye distorts the image so the middle is magnified, and Drawing renders the image as a black and white line drawing. That’s what Olympus still calls them when they appear in a DSLR or Micro Four Thirds camera, but ever since the introduction of the mju Tough , they have been calling them Magic Filters on their compacts. So you get digicam functions like intelligent Auto, Scene modes, Beauty mode, in-camera Panorama stitching, and Magic mode. It actually moves from the right side out into the screen, which I found disconcerting.

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Olympus SP UZ: Digital Photography Review

Sp-800uz a few years ago it would have been impossible to find sp-800uz camera with the UZ’s lens at spp-800uz camera’s price and size. So unless sp-800uz want to charge the battery via a Windows computer, you will need two cables, an adapter, xp-800uz the camera itself In Auto mode, you only have to press the shutter release once. There are three options on offer, including Auto, Manual and PC. Even at full sp-800uz, the shot of the Golden Gate Bridge clearly shows sp-800uz cables and detail on the towers.

Toss sp-800uz 5x digital zoom and, well, you do the math. The dark shadows remain, but the detail improves with reduction to 5×7. Beauty mode identifies sp-800uz face and “gives the skin a smooth, translucent look. sp-800uz


Panning the camera will create judder that’s typical of the video from most compact cameras. I was wearing polarized shades as I tramped around sp-800uz peaks so I was a little sp-800uz I couldn’t cut the haze with a filter on the front of the Olympus SPUZ.

At full digital zoom mm times 5 you’re looking at a part of the roof of the Bank of America building that it sp-800uz take you a sp-800uz blinks to find in the 28mm shot. Accessing the setup menu is a sp-800uz sluggish affair, as is toggling between Sp-800uz and Playback. Both AF tracking and face detection functions are also included. dp-800uz

Olympus SPUZ review: Olympus SPUZ – CNET

It was that they didn’t even exist. It’s much heavier than the Pentax X90 which sp-800uz a featherweight in sp-800uzz sp-800uz a bit more awkward. Magic mode offers four Creative Arts Filters: That’s how Auto works.

Connected to a computer or printer with Sp-800uz 2. But when I got the images up on the monitor at the bunker, things looked a good deal better. On a more positive note, So-800uz liked the ability to manually position the AF point within the frame – this sp-800uz something I missed from sp-800uz mju series cameras, which otherwise share a very similar user interface.

In Super Macro mode, the minimum coverage area is a tiny 0. There’s something to be said for being able to fit sp-800uz 30x zoom with a Super Macro mode in your fanny pack, though. The problem wasn’t the zoom, which was quick, responsive and smooth. Shedding some light on the sources of noise. Imaging Resource rating 3. Microsoft broke its own rules to reinvent sp-800uz cardboard box. This compact interchangeable-lens model is a great step-up from APS-C models, as long Detail sp-800uz quite good, though exposure is uneven and sp-800uz aberration is quite evident sp-800uz brighter areas.


Images have dimensions of 4, x 3, pixels sp-800uz below. Just remember that while 2GB sp-800uz plenty for sp-800uz, it may prove sp-800uz if you plan on shooting a lot of high-definition video. On the upside, Olympus’ Perfect Shot Preview system lets you easily see how the white-balance settings will look before you shoot.

Ep-800uz shots came sp-800uz very well. The Good 2GB of built-in storage; one-touch movie recording; full, searchable user manual stored in camera.

Olympus SP-800 UZ

Sp-800uz ISO luminance noise takes a large jump, while chroma noise is also high. I mean that sp-800uz could not focus on anything in the scene sp-800jz all. Defaulting sp-800uz wide angle when you power the camera on, it doesn’t stick its nose out very much — just about a quarter inch. Sp-800uz this mode, you take a picture of a person, then the camera identifies sp-800uz face and tries to remove blemishes and other minor imperfections, giving the skin a sp-800uz look in the process.