Bad smell after anal sex? Guys, huge turn-off?? - Anal sex smell

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You probably didn't learn how to prepare for anal sex in sex ed—and unlike P-in-​V (or toy-in-V) sex, anal play does require some planning. Why does my penis stink after I do anal sex?​ Why some men love having anal sex with women while they know stinky & nasty things (gas & stool) come out from anus?​ Originally Answered: When gay men are having sex, how do they cope with the shit smell?

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By Shaktigul - 12:56 › articles › things-no-one-tells-you-abou.
By JoJolmaran - 06:54
But anal sex is not a new thing. Thankfully, we know now that anal sex doesn't have to be super painful, and that there It Might Smell Weird.
By Yogul - 06:54
Anal sex is something that is really hard to talk about when you're younger. Nobody wants to smell a stinky butt or be reminded of the other.
By Tulrajas - 17:53
Sex life is good, however he would like us to try anal sex. I am very worried about the smell though. What if he gets pooh on his penis? What if the smell of pooh.

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