Why does a sticky transparent liquid come out while passing stools? - Clear penis discharge after bowel movement

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Urinary tract infections (UTIs) While UTIs are more common in women than men, bacteria — normally from the rectum — can make their way into the urinary tract from improper cleansing. journalism movement and internationally known with the publication of Hell's Angels While we often associate penile discharge with “pathological” bad The “discharge” is typically clear or slightly white-yellowish and sticky in nature. by the pressure of hard stool on the prostate and seminal vesicle.

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By Arara - 18:19
If you have penile discharge, your doctor can diagnosis the cause and Pre-​ejaculate (also called precum) is a clear, mucoid fluid that is made by the into the urinary tract from improper cleansing after a bowel movement.
By Sasida - 11:50
Penile discharge is any substance that comes out of the penis that's It might be white and thick or clear and watery, depending on the underlying cause. People usually associate urinary tract infections (UTIs) with females.
By Daijin - 01:34
Hi It is normal passage of precum with stools so relax Dr Saatiish Jhuntrraa.
By Zulkigami - 10:32
It has nothing to do with semen or sperm, and if you inspect it carefully, you'll notice it has My sperm is clear and watery, but when I play with it it turns white. If you are discharging this from your penis when bearing down to poop, the most.

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