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For a gentleman to insert his testicles into his lover's vagina, or anus. TECHNIQUE: First, always ensure that the vagina or anus in question has been suitably. If you took a shit in the woods and whiped your ass with a stick, you might get sap on the space between this balls and the asshole is the gooch, not the gouch.

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By Tonris - 16:07
How To Touch A Man Between His Testicles And Anus To Make Him Orgasm Fast.​ Have you ever wondered wha to call that sensitive spot BEHIND a man's penis?​ The little-more-than-postage-stamp-sized area between a man's testicles and butt is known as several things.
By Yohn - 03:03
On to your question: yeah, a guy can insert his balls into a vagina—or an anus, or a mouth, or the seventh hole of the Augusta National golf.
By Samurg - 14:31
The perineum is the space between the anus and scrotum in the male and between the anus and the vulva in the female. The perineum is the region of the body.
By Kazitilar - 13:58
The perineal raphe is a visible line or ridge of tissue on the human body that extends from the anus through the perineum. It is found in both males and females, and arises from the fusion of the urogenital folds. In males, this structure continues through the midline of the scrotum (scrotal.

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